On 5 July 2023, Meta launched the Threads app to compete with Twitter. About 2 hours after its launch, more than 50 lakh users had joined this app i.e. had downloaded the Threads app. Now it has been four whole days since its launch. In these four days the number of threads users is increasing continuously.

After the first 24 hours, 1 crore people downloaded it, while just 3 days after the launch of the app, more than 5 crore people had become active on the threads. People are calling this new app of Meta a competitor of Twitter. 

Many people even say that after the introduction of the thread, now people will reduce the use of Twitter. In such a situation, the question arises whether this new app of Meta can really counter Twitter? In this report, you will know everything about the Threads app that you need to know.

First let us know what is this Threads app

A few months ago, Elon Musk had done mass layoffs from the social media platform Twitter. Apart from retrenchment, many changes were also made here. The users of this platform were very angry with these changes. This is also the reason that as soon as Meta launched the Threads app, crores of users started shifting there and it was even called the cut of Twitter.

Threads is a microblogging site like Facebook and Twitter and it has been created by the Instagram team. Threads was launched in more than 100 countries including India at around 11.30 pm on 5th July.  

In this app you can share your opinion just like Twitter. Here users can write posts up to 500 characters. Links, images and videos can also be shared with posts.

The features of threads are similar to Twitter. Here too, just like Twitter, Threads users can share their ideas and opinions with people and build their followers.

Why the Threads app is a threat to Twitter

Threads have been launched for four days and more than 50 million users have joined here in these four days. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that in the coming days, Threads microblogging app can prove to be an alternative to Twitter…

1. Twitter has recently made changes for its users. Due to these changes and many new rules, using Twitter has become a bit complicated. For example, earlier non-Twitter users could also visit Google to see the profile of any Twitter user. But now if you want to see the profile of any Twitter user, you will also have to login.

2. Many features have been added to this app after Twitter’s new rule. Like users have to pay money to get blue tick. On the other hand, Meta’s Threads app is currently completely free. Apart from this, in the last few months, Twitter has been continuously making changes in posts, comments and many other features, due to which users are upset and are looking for alternatives.

3. Threads are much easier to use than Twitter. This app has been developed in such a way that it automatically prepares its bio from the bios of  Instagram users. Which means that any user can easily create a threads account with just one click. While creating an account on Twitter, the user has to update the mobile number, email ID, etc.

4. In the last month i.e. June 2023, Twitter has made a big change regarding writing and reading posts of its users. According to which common Twitter users i.e. those users who do not have blue ticks, can read only 600 tweets for free every day. If they want to read more tweets than this, they will have to pay for it. Whereas Twitter users with blue tick can read more than 6,000 posts in a day. On the other hand, it is free to read or share any post in the Threads app. Users can also read and share thousands of pasts in a day if they wish.

5. Users who create an account on the Threads app get all the followers who are following them on Instagram. Whereas on Twitter you have to create a new following base.

Now know the difference between threads and Twitter

  • Launched four days ago, the app Threads is currently available on iOS and Android, but currently it cannot be opened on the desktop. On the other hand Twitter can be used very easily in all these three places.
  • Currently there is no option to send private messages in threads. Whereas on Twitter, users can also connect with each other and have private chats.
  • In the Threads app of Instagram, the user can write his words in 500 characters. While Twitter allows common users to write 280 characters and post blue tick users by writing 25 thousand characters.

The craze for threads worries Twitter

Above we told how it is becoming easier for the users to use the Threads app. In such a situation, if users continue to join threads at the same rate, Twitter will also be closed like Orkut in the coming days.

That’s why Twitter’s lawyer Alex Spiro has threatened Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg after the thread’s launch. According to Alex, Meta Platforms will be sued by Twitter.

What did Meta answer

On these allegations of Twitter’s lawyer, Meta Spokesperson Andy Stone says that there is not a single ex-employee of Twitter in the thread team. In response to which Elon Musk said that it is okay to have competition, but cheating is not right. 

Twitter is at number 14 in the popular social media site

Monthly users of social media platforms

  • Facebook – 295.8 crore 
  • YouTube – 251.4 million 
  • Whatsapp – 200  crore 
  • Instagram – 200 million 
  • WeChat – 130.9 million 
  • TikTok – 105.1 crore 
  • Facebook Messenger – 931 million 
  • Douin – 715 million 
  • Telegram – 70 crores 
  • Snapchat – 63.5  crore 
  • Kwasho – 62.6 crore 
  • Sina Weibo – 584 million 
  • QQ – 57.4 crore 
  • Twitter – 556 million
  • Pinterest – 445 million 


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