Mutual Fund News Update: When the index of both the stock exchanges touched heights in the month of June, the confidence of the investors in the stock market increased further. As a result, in June 2023, there has been a jump of 166 percent in investment in equity mutual funds. In the month of June, investors have put Rs 8,637 crore in equity mutual funds, whereas in May 2023 only Rs 3240.30 crore was invested.

AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India) has released the data of investment in mutual funds for the month of June. According to the data, investors’ confidence in investing through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) remains intact. And the investment made through SIP in the month of June has been Rs 14,734 crore. Although there has been a slight decrease as compared to May. In May 2023, a total investment of Rs 14,749 crore was received in mutual funds through the Systematic Investment Plan, which is a record.

According to AMFI, in the equity segment, investors have made the maximum investment in small cap funds. A total investment of Rs 5471.75 crore has come in small cap funds in the month of June, which is 66 percent more than the previous month. In May, there was an inflow of Rs 2906 crore in small cap funds. However, investors in large cap funds were seen selling in the month of June. Investors have invested a total of Rs 2049.61 crore in the Large Cap Fund. Contra funds have received an investment of Rs 2239.08 crore in June as against an inflow of Rs 582.21 crore in the month of May.

According to AMFI, the asset undermanagement (AUM) of mutual funds has reached Rs 44.13 lakh crore in the month of June, which was Rs 42.90 lakh crore in the month of May. The confidence of domestic and foreign investors in the stock market has increased, so investors investing in mutual funds also do not want to lag behind in capitalizing on the boom of such a market.

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