Chanakya Niti: Acharya Chanakya is counted among the best scholars of India. In Chanakya policy, he has discussed many topics in detail. Chanakya has presented his thoughts for human welfare through verses. Chanakya’s policy is considered a panacea to get success.

Go and see the forest area, which is not very simple to imagine. The straight trees are cut down and the hunchbacks remain there

Meaning- Acharya Chanakya says that too much straightforwardness of a person can also become a bone in his throat. For example, Chanakya says that straight trees are cut first in the forest, because it doesn’t take much effort to cut straight trees as compared to crooked trees. This is the reason that everyone takes advantage of a person’s straightforwardness, so in this Kalyug success is water, so a little cleverness is necessary.

What is time? What are my friends? What is the place? What are the expenses? Who am I? What are my powers?

Meaning- If you want to improve your future, then you must pay attention to the right time, the right friend, the right place, the right means of earning money, the right way to spend money and your energy source. This will give you success on every path.

One who gives up all material possessions and enjoys the impermanent material world is destroyed.

Meaning- Chanakya has said in this verse that the person who is greedy to get everything leaves the right one. The person who leaves the definite i.e. right and takes support of the uncertain i.e. wrong, his right also gets destroyed. That’s why whenever you take any decision, make sure to check the right and wrong.

He attains excellence by virtue, not by being seated on a high seat. Why does a crow flying on the roof of a mansion fly like Garuda

Meaning- Chanakya says that a man is called superior by his deeds and qualities. He told that a learned person may be poor but he is revered among the rich. A person does not become bigger than money, wealth and position, it is exactly the same as a crow sitting on the top of a palace does not become an eagle.

Chanakya Niti: Follow this Chanakya policy in the office for success, the target will never remain incomplete

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