Barun Chanda‘s son, Abhik Chandapassed away in Kolkata on July 11 at the age of 51. The tragic news has left the entire Tollywood fraternity in shock. Barun Chanda, who has been an accomplished actor for decades still can’t believe that his son is no more. Speaking to the media about this tragedy, the Satyajit Ray actor said, “Unfortunately, I have been entrusted with the duty of performing my son’s last rites at an age when he should have been performing his father’s.”
According to reports, Abhik had contracted a respiratory infection and from there, the infection spread throughout his body, leading to septicemia and ultimately multi-organ failure.
Abhik who was a renowned writer initially began his career as a journalist for an English newspaper. Later, he worked for several multinational organizations for years. However, eventually, Abhik found his calling as a writer. Recently, he had plans to start his own startup company alongside his father, Barun.
In 2017, Abhik Chanda published his first book, ‘From Command to Empathy: Using EQ in the Age of Disruption’. Following that, his works such as ‘Darashuko: The Man Who Flew By the King’, the poetry collection ‘Jokhon Bideshe’, and the novel ‘Anchor’ gained popularity among readers. His latest book, ‘Work Three Point O’, was also published earlier this year.

Abhik, a former student of the Presidency and Delhi School of Economics, was recently announced as a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham. He had plans to move there next year, but unfortunately, that plan could not materialize.
As per reports, even on Monday, Abhik had a conversation with his father and told him, “Time has shrunk.” The significance of these words in relation to the project seems to have had a profound impact on Abhik’s life as well. Time indeed appeared to have diminished significantly.


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