DU Semester Classes To Begin From This Date: Delhi University has announced that when will the classes of all semesters start here. This time the classes of all semesters are being started simultaneously so that equality can be created in the academic calendar. The University has also cleared the date of commencement of classes as well as the date of holidays. It has been made clear for which semester the summer vacations will be till when. According to the PTI report, all semester classes of Delhi University will start from 16 August 2023. Candidates should prepare accordingly.

The calendar was changed due to the epidemic

The university also says that the academic calendar here had deteriorated due to the pandemic. Efforts are being made to bring it back on track, that is why classes for all semesters are starting from the same date. Summer breaks were either not held during the pandemic or were held for a very short time. This has now been changed.

It has been clarified in the notification issued in this regard that all the notices issued earlier will be changed and a uniform academic calendar will be implemented.

This will be the schedule of holidays

In the notification, DU has said that the semester one and two semester holidays will start from April 29 and August 15 respectively. Similarly, the vacation for the third and fourth semesters will be from May 30 to August 15. And the holidays for the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth semesters will be from May 27. Although the classes of all these will start from 16th August.

Teachers welcomed the decision

Teachers are liking this decision. He says that both students and teachers were facing problems due to different and scattered semesters. Everyone will get the benefit of starting the semester at the same time. One more thing will be better than this, under which everyone will get a common summer break from 21st July to 15th August.

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