Meta’s Threads: Meta has launched Twitter’s competitor app Threads and so far more than 80 million people have downloaded it. On launching the app, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted something on Twitter after 11 years. In this post, he directly told Elon Musk that Twitter’s competitor has arrived. Have you used Twitter’s competitor app? If not, then we are going to tell you some things, after which you will get a lot of clarity about the app and then you can make your decision.

So far more than 80 million people have downloaded

Meta’s Threads app has been downloaded by more than 80 million people so far. The company launched it on 5 July. The Threads app is linked to Instagram and can only be used by people who run Instagram. There are more than 1.3 billion active users on Instagram. Threads have got the benefit of this and its user base is huge. Here, if we talk about Twitter, by the end of the year 2022, it had 259 million users.

Be aware, Meta has not launched Threads in the EU region. This is because the EU has strict privacy rules and Meta does not follow these rules.

In some ways the app is similar to Twitter

The Threads app is similar to Twitter. In this you can do many things like re-post, post, video share etc. as we do in Twitter. In threads, you can post posts up to 500 characters and videos up to 5 minutes, while free users can post only 280 characters and videos up to 2.5 minutes in Twitter.

Threads will not replace Twitter

Instagram head Adam Mosseri told The Verg journalist Alex Heath on the previous day that this app will not replace Twitter. He said that its purpose is to create a public space for communities that have never really adopted Twitter. Adam Mosseri also said that threads are not for hard news and politics.

privacy concern

Twitter’s X CEO Jack Dorsey had made a tweet some time back in which he told that Meta’s threads want all the information of the users. Means this app wants access to your location, test, history etc. Due to this, the question arises on the privacy of the people. Due to privacy, this app has not been launched in EU.

Account cannot be deleted

One more thing is that currently you can come in the threads but cannot delete the account. That is, if you want to delete Threads account, then to do this you will have to delete your Instagram account as well. Well, a good news came on the last day that soon the company will give users the option to delete threads account separately. That is, you will be able to delete the threads account without harming the insta account.

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