Stories of Birbal in Hindi: It often happens with all of us that, when some work goes wrong or we fall ill, we assume the reason for it to be someone else and say that such and such a person is unfortunate for us, because of which our work got spoiled. .

In Birbal Ke Kisse, today we will tell you about such a story, which shows Birbal’s cleverness and also learns that no human being is ever wretched, but the biggest wretched person is himself. Is.

Tales of Birbal: Who is the biggest wretch

Once Emperor Akbar was very thirsty. He ordered his servants to bring water from his bed. But no one could listen to him. At the same time, a servant cleaning the garbage was passing near Akbar’s room. He saw that Akbar was very thirsty and there was no servant around. So he himself brought water for them. Akbar was very thirsty, so he immediately quenched his thirst by drinking water. When Akbar’s eyes fell on that garbage collector, he was shocked.

The servant had to quench Akbar’s thirst

Meanwhile, some special servants of Akbar reached the room and immediately threw the garbage collector out of the room. Akbar also fell asleep after drinking water. But after some time, Akbar’s stomach started getting upset and as the day progressed, his health worsened.

The biggest doctors were called to improve Akbar’s health. But no medicine worked and his health kept on deteriorating. Then Raj Vaidya suggested Akbar to call an astrologer. He said, Jahanpanah! It is possible that you have been possessed by some ill-fated person. That’s why your health is not getting well. Akbar also agreed to Raj Vaidya and after that ordered to call astrologer in the court.

Meanwhile, Akbar also started thinking that, in reality, the shadow of some wretched person has not fallen on me. Today I drank the water brought by the person cleaning the garbage. After this, Akbar immediately sentenced the garbage sweeper to death and the soldiers put him in jail.

Birbal cleverly saved the servant’s life

After some time Birbal came to know about all these things and he immediately went to that garbage sweeper and said, don’t worry, I will save you by some trick or the other. After this Birbal went to Akbar and asked him – what happened to you? How did you get so sick?

Akbar said, Birbal the shadow of a wretched person fell on me and I became ill. On hearing this, Birbal started laughing out loud. Seeing Birbal laughing, Akbar said, you are laughing at my illness. Birbal said, no-no king, I am just saying that, if I bring to you a more wretched person than that garbage collector, will you forgive his punishment. Akbar said, can there be anyone more wretched than him? Come on, if you bring some big wretch, I will forgive his punishment.

When Birbal called Akbar wretched

Birbal replied that you yourself are more wretched than him. That poor servant gave you water to quench your thirst and you feel that your health has deteriorated due to his shadow. Think about that poor guy. That poor man went to jail because of giving you water. You have become the biggest wretch for him, because of seeing him early in the morning and helping him, his life has been ruined and now he will get death sentence in some time. In such a situation, you only tell whether, being ill is a great wretchedness or a death sentence.

Akbar, who was sick after hearing such wise words of Birbal, also laughed out loud and he immediately ordered the soldiers to release that garbage sweeper from jail.

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