Madhya Pradesh Mini Goa : Goa is one of the most beautiful places in India. The beach here is so beautiful that tourists are drawn here. Every year lakhs of tourists reach Goa with honeymoon, family trip or friends. But if you are not able to go to Goa for some reason and your wish remains unfulfilled, then you do not need to worry, because there is a small Goa in Madhya Pradesh too. Which is known as Mini Goa of MP. The beauty here is not less than Goa in any sense.

Where is the Mini Goa of Madhya Pradesh?

Mini Goa of MP is a small village situated in Mandsaur, whose name is Kanwala. It is situated on the banks of Chambal river. Since the bank of Chambal here is very wide, its end is not visible from far and wide and it looks like Goa. Here there are two big rocks in the middle of the river, which look exactly like islands. There is a gathering of tourists here in the rains.

amazing beautiful view

It will be fun to see the sunset of Kanwala. Its view is amazing. This village is very peaceful with natural beauty. You can find peace by camping here during the day. The crashing of the waves on the banks of Chambal river and its sound will make your mind happy. There are two big rocks on the banks of the river, on which beautiful houses have been made from the soil of the Ababil bird. In the village, they are called ‘Chidi Wala Patthar’.

Not a tourist spot but famous

Mini Goa of Madhya Pradesh is not a big tourist spot, due to which there are few markets around here. That’s why those who come for picnic have to bring their own food and drink. However, this does not spoil the fun and tourists enjoy this place a lot. If you also want to visit Mini Goa, then you can come here in one to two days leave.

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