MUMBAI: Here’s a weight-lifting champ’s feat! A 6,000kg iron bridgeabout 90ft long, was spirited away from Malad (west) last month. Now, four people have been arrested. The makeshift bridge had been placed over a drain in June last year to carry huge electric cables of Adani Electricity. It was moved out after a permanent bridge came up in its place in April this year. The old bridge, valued at Rs 2 lakh, was removed using cranes and it was to be carted away.
On June 26, Adani Electricity representatives found out that the bridge had vanished and lodged a case with the police. The last time it had been seen at the spot was on June 6. With no surveillance cameras around the spot, the police checked footage from cameras placed on the rest of the road and zeroed in on a large vehicle seen moving in the direction of the bridge on June 11. It turned out that the vehicle had gas-cutter machines, which were used to dismantle the iron bridge and transport it without informing Adani Electricity. One of the four arrested persons is from the company that was given a contract to construct the bridge, the police said. A spokesperson from Adani Electricity said that the stolen material has been recovered by the police.


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