Weight Loss Tips : Losing weight is one of the biggest challenge today. Increased weight and obesity brings with it many diseases. That’s why people exercise, work on diet for weight loss tips. However, very few people know that there is no cure for dieting weight loss. You will definitely be shocked to hear, but if you are also believing that you can lose weight by reducing food or dieting, then you are also making a mistake. Means reducing or not eating food will not reduce the weight, rather it will increase. Let’s know…

Eating less or not eating will not reduce weight

This has been revealed in a research done at Rutgers University of New Jersey. In this research conducted on 6,000 people from many countries, people with three types of eating habits were included. First- eating when hungry, second- eating emotionally and third- eating less or dieting… When the research was completed, it came to know that those who eat less or diet have had the opposite effect. This did not reduce his weight, however, his physical and mental health definitely deteriorated. It is clear that eating less has an effect on psychology.

then how to lose weight

In this research, it was found that people who eat only when they are hungry and eat as much as they need, lose weight. Such people remain very happy and energy is also found in them. In a research published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, it has also been told that those who do not eat food when they are hungry and those who diet or stop themselves from eating, have more anger and irritability.

focus on eating

If you are still thinking that the best option for weight loss is dieting or not eating, then change your thinking. Yes, definitely pay attention to what you are eating. If you want to lose weight then avoid eating oily food, junk food and street food. Eat only pure food made at home. Homemade bread and vegetables do not increase weight much.

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