Users of Meta’s Twitter competitor Threads have found that Elon Musk has started limiting search results when trying to find links to threads on the microblogging platform Twitter, while the platform currently only links to Threads content. are filled. Users posted on threads that Twitter is selectively blocking searches of tweets that link to threads, even if those threads allow URLs to be posted.

Behavior is being reported from Twitter users as well

According to The Verge’s report, the behavior is being widely reported by Twitter users as well. URL: An issue was detected when discovering links to specific URLs with search operators. A search on Twitter for the URL: threads.net returns zero results, despite a large number of tweets related to the domain.

Unnecessary results are found

Similarly, searching the URL:threads.net without the operator returns dozens of non-required results from users who have a Thread account in their display name, the report said. Other Twitter users shared screenshots from their Threads accounts that included the reduced battery-life graphic. One user tweeted that the threads app is collecting so much background data that it is draining users’ phone battery faster than any other application.

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