Office Obesity Report: Health experts have been stressing from time to time on the need for a balanced diet and exercise for a healthy life. But due to the office job, the rules of healthy life are being broken. Yes, in a recent research, it has been said that six out of 10 people working in the office are becoming obese. The reason for this is unbalanced diet and lack of exercise. Experts say that people often become careless about their weight while doing long sitting jobs in the office and at the same time sugar also gets triggered like a silent killer. In such a situation, obesity increases rapidly and with this the risk of heart diseases increases.

Shocking revelation in the survey

In a survey conducted at GST Bhavan in Nagpada, it was found that most of the employees doing office jobs had high BP and sugar problems. It has been said in the survey that 18 percent of the people came to know for the first time that they have sugar. In such a situation, it is known that while working in the office, people ignore their health a lot. This survey was conducted on government employees who do long sitting jobs in the office and after examining their health, it was found that every six out of ten people are obese and due to this there is a risk of other diseases in their body.

Many other diseases come along with obesity.

Let us tell you that obesity is not a disease in itself, due to this the risk of diseases related to sugar, high BP and heart increases. To avoid this, it is necessary to make changes in your routine life. Along with yoga, exercise, intake of caffeine and alcohol should be reduced. Along with this, the focus should also be on a balanced diet. If you are doing a sitting job for hours in the office, then your bones can also be at risk. Apart from this, there is also a risk of cervical due to sitting job. In such a situation, it is necessary that every hour one should walk for some time in between the work. Healthy drinks should be drunk instead of tea and coffee again and again. Eat on time and eat healthy food. Apart from this, do exercise and yoga regularly. Due to this routine, you can control your increasing weight even in office life.

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