Geeta Ka Gyan: Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta is the holy book of Hindus. The whole essence of life is explained in it. The Gita describes the teachings of Lord Krishna that he gave to Arjuna during the Mahabharata war. The teachings given in the Gita are equally relevant even today and  shows man the right way to live life. 

This book contains the complete series of teachings given by Lord Shri Krishna to Arjuna. In this, the meaning of life has been explained in detail in a very beautiful way. A person who follows Gita never fails in life. 

गीता के उपदेश

  • Shri Krishna has said in Gita that for those who cannot control their mind, their mind itself acts like an enemy. The mind is very fickle and our job is to keep it under control, otherwise it can make us do many things which are not in our interest. It makes the intellect restless. Reason is destroyed when the intellect is disturbed and it leads one to downfall.
  • Sri Krishna says that only the coward and the weak leave things to fate but the strong and self-confident. They are doers, they never depend on destiny or luck.
  • According to the Gita, a man is created by his belief. As he believes so he becomes. That’s why one should always have faith in himself while doing good deeds.
  • It is written in Gita that every person’s mind is restless. Controlling the restless mind is a very difficult task but it can be controlled by practice. That’s why every person should try to control the mind through meditation.
  • Shri Krishna says, walking with someone neither gives any happiness nor goal. That’s why man should always walk alone believing in his deeds. 
  • Sri Krishna says in Gita that leaving all good deeds, just surrender completely to God. I will absolve you of all sins. Do not grieve.

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