Effects of Guru Chandal Yog: In astrology, many auspicious and inauspicious yogas are formed due to the change of place of planets and constellations. It affects the horoscope of every person. In astrology, the planet Jupiter is considered very important. If the Guru is auspicious, there is success in every work, but if the Guru has an inauspicious yoga, he has to suffer heavy losses. When Jupiter conjoins with Rahu-Ketu, it creates an inauspicious yoga. Which is called Guru Chadanal Yoga. Today this yoga is being formed in Aries.

Destructive effects of Guru Chandal Yoga

In astrology, Guru Chandal Yoga is considered a very destructive yoga. Due to its formation in the horoscope, the natives have to face many kinds of problems. It gives negative results to inauspicious people. Due to its yoga, a person has to face many types of inconveniences and despite a lot of hard work, he does not get success. Due to the effect of this yoga, the respect of a person declines.

Due to this inauspicious yoga, the native has to suffer heavy loss in business and job. The people of the zodiac sign in which this yoga is being formed need to be especially careful. The inauspicious yoga of Guru Chandal is going to increase the problems of the people of Aries. The economic condition of the people of this zodiac can also deteriorate. You should take any decision very carefully.

Measures to avoid the effects of Guru Chandal Dosh

To avoid Guru Chandal Dosha, worship of Lord Jupiter and Lord Shri Hari Vishnu should be done on every Thursday. By offering yellow things to Lord Vishnu on Thursday, the inauspicious effect of Jupiter starts reducing. Jaggery and gram dal should be offered to Lord Vishnu on Thursday. Chanting Gayatri Mantra or Om Guruve Namah Mantra every day also gives freedom from the inauspicious effects of Guru Chandal Yoga.

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