Sawan 2023, Monsoon Rain: As soon as the month of Sawan started, the weather started becoming pleasant due to light rain. But within just a week, clouds have started raining heavily and thunder has also started.

Please tell that the month of Sawan started on Tuesday, July 04 and will end on August 31. On the other hand, tomorrow i.e. on July 10, a fast will be observed on the first Monday of Sawan. By the way, the month of Sawan is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva. But the day of Monday falling in Sawan has special significance.

Heavy rain before the first Monday of Sawan

It is raining heavily in most parts of the country just before Monday of Sawan. On one hand, people are enjoying the rain and weather, while on the other hand, Shiv devotees are worried about not getting the worship material. Because all the market-shops are closed due to rain. In such a situation, the devotees are worried as to how to worship Lord Shiva on the first Monday of Sawan tomorrow without any worship material. So on the other hand, some people are also worried that if it rains continuously like this, then how will they reach the pagoda or Shiva temple for worship in the morning.

But you don’t need to worry at all. Because both the month of Sawan and the rains of Sawan are very dear to Lord Shiva. That’s why the monsoon rains will not have any effect on your worship or fasting. We will tell you about some such measures, so that you will be able to worship Lord Shiva without any worship material or without going to the temple and also you will get the full result of worship.

Worship Lord Shiva like this without worship material

For the first Monday of Sawan, people start preparing for worship material in advance. But due to the rain, people could not buy worship materials like belpatra, gangajal, milk, curd, bhang, dhatura flower, akshat, bhog, nagirayal, camphor etc. Let us tell you that Bhole Bhandari gets pleased even with simple worship method. If you offer even a glass of pure water on the Shivling with devotion, then you will definitely get the blessings of Lord Shiva and you will get the full fruit of the worship.

how to do at home Sawan MondayLord’s worship

Don’t worry if you are unable to visit the temple in the morning due to heavy rain. You can also worship Lord Shiva at home. For this, wake up early in the morning and take bath and then wear clean clothes. First of all, anoint the Shivling with Gangajal or pure water. Apply sandalwood paste on Shivling. After this, offer Belpatra, Dhatura, Bhang, flowers, fruits etc. After this, chant the Panchakshar mantra ‘Nama: Shivay’ 12 times and after that perform aarti of Lord Shiva. Worshiping this method at home also pleases Lord Shiva.

relationship between lord shiva and rain

There is a deep connection between the monsoon rains and Lord Shiva. There is also a mythological reason associated with this, according to which, the churning of the ocean took place in the month of Sawan itself and Shivji himself drank the Halahal poison that came out of the sea for the welfare of the people. Due to this, there was intense burning sensation in his throat and body. After this, all the deities offered cool water to Lord Shiva, the coolness of which reduced his burning sensation. It is believed that the monsoon rains provide coolness to the body of Lord Shiva.

Describing the glory of the month of Sawan, Lord Shiva himself says, in my three eyes the sun is the right eye, the moon is the left and the fire is the middle eye. The month of Sawan begins when the Sun transits in Cancer. Sun is hot which gives heat whereas Moon gives coolness. In such a situation, when the Sun enters Cancer, it rains heavily and Shivji gets relief from its coolness. That’s why Shivji loves the monsoon rains and has a deep attachment to it.

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