How to make career in graphology: If graphology is to be understood in simple language, then it can be called a handwriting expert. Such a person who can tell many things about anyone by looking at their handwriting. The good thing about this field is that even today it is not very crowded and after taking good training you can earn well. These are the professionals who can identify the person who wrote the notes by looking at anyone’s hand and can also give information about his personality.

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Using this, you can also find out what was the mental state of the person in front while writing a note. It also includes psychological analysis. Their work is to analyze the handwriting samples of different people, with the help of microscope, magnifying glass, etc., check the letters of the handwriting, their height, width, etc. Graphologists give answers to these and many other questions about how the emotional energy has been.

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Along with formal education, candidates should have these qualities to make a career in graphology. Like practical knowledge of psychology, knowledge of psychiatry, history of writing, graphology neuroscience, graph therapy etc. Apart from this, the analytical skills of the candidate should be very good. Critical thinking, research skills, knowledge of human psychology, knowledge of forensic analysis are also necessary.

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There are many certificate and diploma courses available in this. These can generally be selected after 12th. Although every institute may have its own rules. World School of Handwriting, Mumbai, Kolkata Institute of Graphology, Handwriting Analysts International, Visakhapatnam, International School of Handwriting Analysis, Bangalore, International Institute of Graphology Pune. Admission is done on the basis of entrance test.

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