Adding to the problems of the common people, tomato has recently become a centenarian. The present situation is that its prices are at a record high level and it is being sold above Rs 100 per kg in most of the cities of India. Now in such a situation, if I tell you that this Shatakveer tomato is being sold at just Rs 20 per kg, then you might consider it a joke.

Talk about this city of Tamil Nadu

Although this is not a joke, but the complete truth. According to a Hindustan Times report, in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, a shopkeeper made such an offer that all the customers won the lottery. In this special offer, the shopkeeper sold tomatoes to his customers at just Rs 20 per kg.

Purchase at Rs 60 per kg

According to the report, a shopkeeper named D Rajesh took out this great offer. Rajesh, 38, runs a vegetable shop called DR Vegetables and Onions in Sellakuppam area. He ordered 550 kg of tomatoes from Bengaluru in Karnataka at the rate of Rs.60 per kg. However, incurring a loss, he sold whole tomatoes cheaply to the needy.

offered on this occasion

D Rajesh gave tomatoes to the customers at just Rs 20 per kg. In this way, he had to bear a loss of Rs.40 per kg. D Rajesh gave this unique offer on the occasion of completion of four years of his shop.

one kilo purchase limit

Now that tomatoes have crossed the price of Rs 100 per kg in the retail market, it is natural to create loot if they are available for Rs 20 per kg. Rajesh also had an idea of ​​this beforehand. This is the reason that he had imposed a condition for the buyers that a customer cannot buy more than one kilo of tomatoes. Rajesh says that to ensure that more and more people get the benefit of cheap tomatoes, the condition of one kg was necessary.

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