Shahid Kapoor on Kabir Singh: Shahid Kapoor’s film Kabir Singh proved to be a blockbuster hit. This film was revolved around the character Kabir Singh. The film had everything from romance to thriller. This film came in 2019, which was a Hindi remake of Arjun Reddy’s Telugu film. While this film got people’s love on one side, many people also criticized it.

Shahid Kapoor defined himself

Comparing Kabir Singh’s character with himself, Shahid Kapoor told mid-day that I am not like Kabir Singh at all. I do not drink alcohol and I am a family oriented person. Shahid Kapoor said that I do not have the courage to raise my hand on any woman. But, as an actor, I have to play many characters.

difference between hero and hero

On liking and disliking Kabir Singh character, Shahid Kapoor says that one should not like that character, rather people should like my performance. Shahid Kapoor said that in the film Kabir Singh, Kabir was a hero of the film and not a hero. There is a difference between a hero and a hero and Kabir Singh was neither a hero nor an anti-hero.

Shahid Kapoor witnessed physical abuse

Shahid Kapoor also revealed that he witnessed physical abuse when he was a child. Please tell that Shahid Kapoor has given many well-known films in Bollywood and always wins the hearts of the audience with his acting. Kiara Advani was also in the lead role along with Shahid Kapoor in the film Kabir Singh.

In recent times, actor Shahid Kapoor is going to make a comeback on OTT once again. Shahid is returning with the second season of his crime thriller series Farzi on Amazon Prime. Shahid Kapoor is one of those actors in Bollywood, who mostly guarantees his films to be superhits.

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