Kajol Statement: Bollywood’s famous actress Kajol recently appeared in the headlines for one of her statements. Kajol had commented on politicians in an interview regarding the country’s education system. In her interview, Kajol had commented on the leaders who held high positions in the education system in Indian politics, for which the actress had to face a lot of trolling on social media.

Kajol gave the explanation

Kajol commented on the education of Indian politicians in an interview given to The Quint. Now after being trolled, Kajol has given her clarification by tweeting on Twitter. Kajol wrote that I had kept my point regarding education and its importance. My intention was not to insult any political leader. Along with this, the actress further wrote, we also have some great leaders, who are running the country on the right path.

Actress’s opinion on women empowerment

Recently, Kajol gave an interview to The Quint regarding women empowerment. While talking on the issue of women empowerment, the actress said that the way change is happening in India, it is very slow. Kajol also told the reason behind saying this. Kajol said that there is a lack of proper education among the people here.

Kajol raised questions on the education system

Targeting the politicians through the education system, Kajol said that we have political leaders who themselves lack an education background. We have been ruled by such people, who did not have any view point regarding education, which I think should be there.

These days Kajol is also in discussion about her new web show The Trial. With this new web series of hers, the actress has also entered the world of OTT. Kajol will soon be seen in the role of a lawyer in the Disney + Hotstar series The Trial.

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