The stock market has once again reached new heights and with this the enthusiasm of the IPO market has also started increasing. Meanwhile, some IPOs have already filled the pockets of their investors. Today we are going to tell you about 5 such IPOs of small companies, which have given returns of 125 to 190 percent in a month and have become multibaggers.

Vasa Density IPO (Vasa Denticity IPO)

Its listing took place on 2 June. The price band of this IPO was Rs 121 to 128 per share. After that its share was listed at Rs 211 with a premium of about 65 per cent. Now this share has reached Rs 370.65. In this way, the price of this share has increased by 190 percent.

Hemant Surgical Industries IPO

The price band of this IPO was Rs 85 to 90 per share. . After the IPO, its shares were listed on 5 June. It doubled its investors’ money on the day of listing itself and reached a high of Rs 180. It is currently trading at Rs 228.50, up about 150 per cent.

Sonalis Consumer Products IPO

This SME IPO is priced at just Rs 30 per share. Was launched at the rate. Its listing took place on June 19 at Rs 38 per share with a premium of about 26 per cent. Now this share has reached the level of Rs 71.55 with a gain of about 140 per cent.

Crayons Advertising IPO

The price band of this IPO is Rs 62 to 65. per share was kept. This share was listed in the market on June 2 at a premium of about 40 per cent at Rs 90. It closed at Rs 155.10 per share in Friday’s trading. In this way, its price has increased by about 140 percent.

Infollion Research Services IPO

The company has priced Rs 80 to 82 per share for its IPO. Price band was fixed. The stock got listed on NSE SME Exchange on 8th June. Its listing happened at Rs 209 with a whopping premium of 155 per cent. Now it is available at the price of Rs.186 and in this way there is a profit of about 125%.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is being given for information only. It is important to mention here that investing in the market is subject to market risks. Always take expert advice before investing money as an investor. ABPLive.com never advises anyone to invest money here.

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