Sanskar: In 16 Sanskars, the fourth is Jatakarma Sanskar. This ritual is performed after the birth of an unborn child. it is said in the scriptures ‘Jate jatakriya bhavet’ That is, all the works that are done for the first time for the purification of the child after being born from the womb are called Jatakarma. Let’s know about the caste rituals after the birth of the child.Jatakarma) Why it is necessary, its importance and method.

castration Importance of Sanskar (Jatakarma Sanskar SIgnificance)

  • For nine months, the child grows in the warmth of the mother and then as soon as it is born, Jatakarma rituals are performed for the purity of its body. In this the child is bathed, licked with honey and ghee, ayurveda and breastfed.
  • By performing caste rituals, the defects of the child which he got in the womb of the mother are removed, such as Golden Vastu Dosha, Blood Dosha, Raspan Dosha etc.
  • After birth, the child encounters the external environment for the first time, such caste rituals protect the child from infection, which gives him the power to live in the outside world.

method of caste ceremony

  • In Jatkarma Sanskar, ghee and honey are licked to the baby with a gold rod or finger. It acts as a medicine for him. The baby’s mouth remains closed in the womb, through this action the dirt is cleaned from its mouth. After this the mother breastfeeds her child which gives him immortality.
  • Ghee is applied on the palate of the baby so that it is well nourished. It works to increase his body, intellect, eyesight, semen etc.
  • Now he is bathed with fine flour of gram, so that the body can be purified. After this, the child’s father takes a bath in the holy river and takes the blessings of the family deities and elders.

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