Viral Video: In Pakistan, a father has married his own daughter. Interestingly, the daughter herself has confessed that she has married her father. The daughter married her father and became his fourth wife. Whose video is going viral on social media. People are giving different reactions regarding this marriage.

In the viral video, the reason given by the Pakistani girl for marrying her father is astonishing. Actually, the girl has told her name as the reason for the marriage. The girl has married her father on the basis of her name.

Girl telling special reason behind marriage

Where is this video in Pakistan, and when it was recorded, it could not be confirmed. However, this video is now going viral on social media. On which people are asking different types of questions. Some users are fiercely criticizing this type of marriage. However, keeping her side, the girl has said that I have married my father because of my name. Actually, I had heard that there are girls named Rabia, they are the fourth daughters.

married because of the name

But I am not the fourth daughter of my parents, I am second. In such a situation, I had to fit my name. The solution of which I was looking for. Then it came to my mind that why shouldn’t I become the fourth wife of my father. A Twitter handle named Hemir Desai tweeted this video and wrote that a daughter is justifying being the fourth wife of her father. On which most of the users are expressing surprise.

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