Horoscope Today 10 July 2023, Aaj Ka Daily Horoscope: According to astrology, 10 July 2023, Monday is an important day. Today till 06:44 Ashtami Tithi will be followed by Navami Tithi. Revati Nakshatra will remain till 06:59 today. Ashchini Nakshatra will remain today. Today Vashi Yoga, Anandadi Yoga, Sunfa Yoga, Atigand Yoga will be supported by planets. If your zodiac sign is Taurus If you have Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, then you will get the benefit of Shash Yoga. Moon will remain in Aries after 06:59 in the evening.

Note the auspicious time for auspicious work today, today there are two times. Shubh’s Choghadiya from 10:15 to 11:15 in the morning and Labh-Amrit’s Choghadiya from 04:00 to 06:00 in the afternoon. Rahukal will be there from 07:30 to 09:00. What is Monday bringing for other zodiac signs? Let’s know today’s horoscope (Rashifal in Hindi)-

Moon will remain in the 12th house, due to which legal matters will be resolved. The plan to start a new outlet in automobile business may have to be canceled due to some problem. You will not be able to find time for yourself in business. You will also be under pressure to take a quick decision. May be. Your health may also deteriorate due to a restlessness, irregular eating habits, fatigue and nervousness in yourself at workplace. Employees have to be careful at workplace, a secret enemy can also harm you. Marital life and relationship I will try to create sweetness in the relationship but will not succeed. Some secret of yours in love and married life can be revealed. The day will give mixed results for the students. Relief in knee and joint pain to some extent. can be found.

Taurus (Taurus)-
Moon will remain in the 11th house, which will bring profit. If there is any problem in partnership matters in business, then you will try to solve it. Will prove to be better for you. You will be able to take everyone along at the workplace. Your opponents will be surprised by the help you provide. Employees can have a strong side in court cases. Beginning of the week, you will spend memorable moments with your family. The day can be special for love and married life. Sports persons will succeed in pleasing the coach with their performance on the track. Before starting anything new at the social level, do it only after getting complete information about it. Try to stay away from street food.

Gemini (Gemini)-
Moon will remain in the 10th house, which can lead to differences with someone in politics. You will be under stress due to not getting the benefits of business trips. Incomplete orders can increase your stress. Due to the formation of Atigand Yoga, real estate business will be affected. If you get a big deal, you will get a lot of profit. Due to the increase in the work pressure at the workplace and getting other work, there will be tension and tension. Employees will have to control their behavior and speech. There may be some wrong behavior from someone. Will be worried about the health of life partner and relative. Love and married life will be good. Students will try to do important work related to study ahead of time. Heart patients will have to be careful.

Cancer (Cancer)-
The moon will be in the 9th house, due to which the social life will be good. Your financial condition in business can be better than before. The day is good for solving money related matters. You will get what you want by working hard in building material, iron and construction business. Will get results. Office work at workplace will be completed soon. Partnership work can be completed on time. But employees should be alert, there can be some kind of challenge from opposite gender. Due to formation of Atigand Yoga, it is good for love and married life. Time will be better. Competitive examinees can get benefit of old hard work. Can get success in competitive exam. Will be troubled by the problem of digestion.

Lion (Leo)-
Moon will be in the 8th house, due to which there may be a quarrel with someone in-laws. There may be obstacles in your work at the social level. But do not give up. Creates, because he does not give up.” In business, you can spend too much money on any hobby. A dilemma-like situation can also arise in front of you. The idea of ​​changing business or job is also not good for you. It is better if you do not make any changes. Employees should not show too much enthusiasm on any matter. It will be better if you remain calm. Your relations with your spouse and relatives may get sour. Students Results Keeping this in mind, stay engaged in your studies. Get the vehicle serviced from time to time. Injuries can happen.

Virgo (Virgo)-
Moon will remain in the 7th house, due to which there may be a rift with your life partner. A new project may come in front of you in business. You may connect with new people while traveling. Opponents will not be able to stand in front of your positive thinking at the workplace. Employees, you can say yes to any work which seems difficult at the moment. You can get an expensive gift from your life partner and relative. A short trip can be planned with love and married life. Competitive candidates will face obstacles in competitive exams. And try to move forward leaving unresolved topics, success can be achieved only by trying. “Nothing is impossible for the one who tries.” Will be troubled by the problem of shoulder pain.

Moon will remain in the 6th house, which will get rid of chronic physical ailments. Due to the formation of Atigand Yoga, the confidence level will be high while addressing someone from the stage, considering the election of a politician. There will be victory in legal work in business. Will feel new energy. Will be eager to make some changes at the workplace. But plan about that change in advance. Employees will be happy to get the desired seat. Can also become the choice of seniors. Material wealth and happiness resources will increase in married life and relationship. Will enjoy romantic life. Students can set a new record in studies. Keep distance from oily things.

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Moon will remain in the 5th house, due to which sudden monetary gains will keep happening. In business, you will be busy in deeply investigating money related matters. You will solve money related problems with a little effort. New ideas can be found. Employees can get some relief from old legal troubles. Sweetness will increase in married life and relationship. Romantic moments will be spent together. Student will get success only by maintaining continuity in studies. It is always won by continuous and continuous effort. You will have to walk in coordination in social level and personal life. You will be troubled by the problem of bone pain.

Moon will remain in the fourth house, due to which there may be some problem in the repair work at home. Do not start any new work in business. There may be obstacles in your work. Some of your tasks at the workplace may be completed slowly. Employees You may get reprimanded by higher officials for avoiding any work. Your laziness and your wrongdoings at the workplace can make you fall in everyone’s eyes. At the social level, you will have to control your expenditure. “Those who make fun of the habit of saving, extend their hands in front of others in trouble.” Do not do any work without thinking in married life and relationship. Confusion can increase due to what the competitive examinee had read. Talk about health That health can get disturbed.

Moon will be in the third house to help friends, friends and relatives. With the formation of Atigand Sunfa Yoga, you can get a big profit in the recruitment service agency business. Pay more attention to the proceedings. Have to tolerate the words of opponents at the workplace. Keep calm. Your good time will come. Employees will have to face problems due to foreign travel. Due to busyness of work with life partner and relative’s office Will be able to give. You can get a surprise gift from love and married life. Keep calm on the sports person trek. There can be a dispute with someone. The problem of digestion can bother you.

Moon will be in the second house, which will lead to financial growth. Due to the formation of Atigand Yoga, you will get many golden opportunities in business. Be ready to take advantage of it. You can plan to do something new in business. Give yourself time. You will have more energy. If you pay attention to work and work hard at the workspace, then you can get rewards. New job offers can be found. Life partner and relatives can help in trying to solve matters. Students can get help from seniors. The day will be good. Health will be good. Old diseases will also end.

The moon will remain in your zodiac, which will increase self-esteem and self-courage. If you are planning to invest the profits from the clothes business in any kind of investment, then do it between 10.15 to 11.15 in the morning and 4.00 to 6.00 in the afternoon. You can get the full result of hard work. Thoughtful work can also be completed. There are possibilities of meeting new and important people. Travel planning can be made at workplace. There can be promotion along with salary increase. Employees can also get support from higher officials and juniors. Together, you can do a little shopping for your family. Misunderstandings in love and married life will be removed. Students’ tension may increase. You should be careful about your health.


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