Pakistan Shoots: In Pakistan, which is suffering from economic poverty, only the policemen are carrying out the incidents of loot and dacoity. Recently, the Karachi Police has revealed this. The interesting thing is that the incidents of loot that have happened in Pakistan. It has been looted for cooking oil. Karachi Police has busted a gang doing this work.

According to the report of Geo News, Karachi Police has arrested three members of a gang. Those arrested include the owner of a godown, an employee and a policeman. This gang used to loot the cooking oil using the police vehicle. After which he used to stock the looted oil in the godown. A policeman was also involved in this gang that used the police van. Because of this, no one used to doubt these people and they used to carry out their plans easily.

there have been dozens of robberies

According to the Karachi police, this is a five-member gang, two of whose members were already in police custody. The police also said that there were dozens of loot incidents in the last month. After the robbery, these gangs used to hide edible oil in the godown. During the operation, the police found a huge amount of jewelery and other expensive items. For which investigation is being done and efforts are being made to find out that for how many days this gang was active and how many incidents of robbery have been carried out.

Police is doing further investigation

Police claim that a member of this gang has already served a jail term for his involvement in similar crimes. Significantly, Pakistan is going through an economic crisis. In such a situation, even before this there have been reports of loot for ration and basic things in Pakistan.

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