Inauspicious Sign: Many incidents that happen in our life are seen in connection with omens and bad omens. According to Shakun Shastra, we already get indications of some auspicious and inauspicious events that will happen in life. Many such things around us, animals-birds or creatures also give an indication of this. According to Shukan Shastra, rats also give indications about some upcoming events. Let us know about the auspicious and inauspicious signs associated with rats.

good and bad omens related to rats

  • Rats are the vehicle of Lord Ganesha, so they are considered very auspicious. However, if rats start living in the house by making big holes, then it is not considered good. This is an indication that the enemies are plotting some conspiracy around you, which can cause you a big loss. That’s why you need to be careful.
  • If the number of rats starts increasing one by one in the house, then it is also considered very inauspicious. It is believed that frequent coming of rats in the house brings poverty. If these rats come in the house and gnaw things continuously, then it is also not considered good. This indicates that there is going to be a decrease in your happiness and prosperity. At the same time, the sound of rats at night is also a sign of something untoward. In this case you should be careful.
  • Rats that look like moles are considered auspicious for the house. Such rats are considered to be the form of Goddess Lakshmi. According to Shakun Shastra, if moles come together in the house, then money will be gained very soon. Big rats that look like moles indicate improvement in economic condition.
  • It is believed that rats or moles should not be killed in the house. They are considered to be the form of Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi and killing them brings blame. In such a situation, instead of killing them, methods should be adopted to get them out of the house. For this the remedy of alum is very effective.

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