Russia Ukraine War: The Russian military commander who played an important role in the ongoing war with Ukraine has been murdered. He was shot dead while jogging. According to the report, the dead military commander was included in the black list of Ukraine. Actually, this military commander had fiercely bombarded missiles on Ukraine. Due to which Ukraine was shocked.

The dead military commander has been identified as 42-year-old Stanislav Razitsky. Razitsky commanded a Russian nuclear submarine (Krasnodar) in the Black Sea. Through which hundreds of missiles were fired on Ukraine. Due to which Ukraine had to suffer heavy losses. According to media reports, the commander was shot dead while jogging in the southern city of Krasnodar, shot in the back and chest near a sports center. Due to which he died. It is not yet known who fired the bullet. But Russian agencies are engaged in the investigation.

Doubt on Serhiy Denisenko

Russian investigators claim to have identified one of the suspects as Serhiy Denisenko, who was born in 1959 in the Ukrainian city of Sumy. who has been arrested. Several Russian news channels have claimed that Denisenko was the former head of the Ukrainian Karate Federation. However, Ukraine has not yet given any official response on this matter. Significantly, even before this, many war supporters and military officers have been murdered inside Russia.

The attackers took advantage of the deserted place

According to the BBC report, Ukraine’s military intelligence agency said that the park was deserted due to heavy rains, so no witnesses have been found so far. But the investigation is going on on the basis of suspicion. Let us tell you that Ukraine was in a panic for the last several months regarding Stanislav Razitsky. This is the reason why his name was marked on the Ukrainian website Myrotvorets (Peacemaker). Actually, a list of people considered to be enemies of Ukraine has been prepared, in which the name of the dead commander was there.

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