Pakistan On Sharia Law: Pakistan calls itself an Islamic country and also believes in it. Recently, Pakistani YouTuber Shoaib Malik talked to Sajid Tarar, a businessman of Pakistani origin living in America, on many issues related to Pakistan. During this, American businessman and leader of Pakistani origin Sajid Tarar gave many statements regarding Pakistan.

Sajid Tarar talked about the dream of implementing Sharia law in Pakistan during the interview. He said that the people of Pakistan have always kept religion ahead. Referring to an incident, he told that Pakistanis living in London say that they will implement Sharia law here. Sharia has not been implemented in Pakistan, how will you do it in London?

Pakistanis talk about Sharia Law
American leader and businessman of Pakistani origin said on Sharia law that we Muslims have made Sharia law very complicated. We have not accepted the advice given by our prophet and have made religion a business and locked it in a box so that people could not face it. Pakistanis living in England talk about Sharia Law.


He further said, “I ask how the law which has not been implemented in Pakistan will be implemented here.” We have not been told a uniform Islam. We did not try to understand Islam correctly. We are away from Islam because we do not understand the Arab language.

99 percent people do not know how to offer Namaz
Referring to an incident from his college time, Sajid Tarar said that I had conducted a survey, in which it was found that 99 percent of post graduate people in Pakistan do not know how to offer Namaz. He said that when someone does not get good education of Islam, such people Imran Khan Like leaders are considered alive as Pir and Hafiz Saeed as Imam.

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