Threads Account Delete: Threads has been downloaded by more than 70 million people so far and has set a new record in this app. There was a concern in the minds of the people regarding the threads that because this app is linked to Instagram, the settings of both are the same. That is, if you delete the Threads account, then the Instagram account will also be deleted. People were arguing fiercely on social media about this. Now Instagram head Adam Mosseri has shared a thread post on this and he said that the company will soon give this update to the people that they will be able to delete their account separately. That is, without harming the Instagram account, you will be able to delete the Threads account. Currently you can only deactivate the account on the app.

To deactivate threads account, you have to go to the profile section and click on the account. Here you will get the option of deactivate account, click on it. When the account is deactivated, your profile, threads post etc. will not be visible to other users.

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Working on many new features

The Threads app does not currently have many features that are present on Twitter. Adam Mosseri told that the company is working on many new features which people will get in the coming time. There will be updates like following, #, search, trend, DM etc. By next week, the company is going to fix the glitches and all the bugs of the app. Here, on the other hand, Threads has also launched the beta version of the app on the Play Store. If you want to get all the updates related to the app first, then you can enroll for the beta program.

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