WhatsApp Chat List Filters: There are more than 2 billion active users of WhatsApp worldwide. The company keeps bringing updates to the app from time to time to improve the user experience. Soon Meta is going to give 3 new options to users to organize WhatsApp chats in a better way. According to Wabetainfo, a website that monitors the development of WhatsApp, the company is working on a new tool that will give users 3 filters to manage chats. With their help, users will be able to organize chats in a better way.

Will get these 3 filters

Soon 3 new options will be given inside the meta chatlist which include unread, personal and business. Chats related to clicking on them will automatically come under that filter and you will be able to organize chats easily. This new option will also save you a lot of time. This update is currently seen in beta version of WhatsApp. In the coming time, the company will rollout it for everyone. Although an option meta should have also added Groups to it because most people in WhatsApp use groups for office and family conversations. It is possible that the company will give this option in the coming time.

Some people started getting this feature in the Windows app

In the WhatsApp window app, the company has given a new text resize option, with the help of which users can increase the size of the text in the app. If users want, they can also use shortcut. For this you have to use Ctrl and + or -. You will find the option to re-size the text in personalization inside the setting. Let me tell you, apart from this, Meta is working on many new features which people will get in the coming time.

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