Apple iPhone Manufacturing: The Tata Group of one of India’s prestigious companies is about to achieve a historic milestone. Tata group is going to partner with Apple to make iPhone. According to the report published in the Times of India, the company can finalize this deal with Apple by August 2023. If so, then Tata would be the first Indian company to make an iPhone.

How much will be the deal?

According to media reports, Tata Group can buy the factory of Wistron Corporation located in Karnataka. In such a situation, the cost of this factory is more than 600 million dollars. Along with this, a total of more than 10,000 employees work in this factory. It is worth noting that the work of assembling the model of iPhone 14 is being done in this factory. In such a situation, if this deal is completed, then it can prove to be a milestone in the future for the Tata Group.

There are many challenges before the Tata group.

Significantly, Wistron Corporation has promised to assemble iPhones worth $ 1.8 billion by the financial year 2023-24 so that it can get special discounts from the government. Along with this, the company also has a plan that it will triple its workforce by the next year. In such a situation, if the Tata group takes over this factory, then it will have to fulfill all the promises made by Wistron.

Apple is reducing dependence on China

When asked on this news, all three Tata, Wistron and Apple have flatly refused to give any clarification. It is worth noting that Apple has been continuously emphasizing on the production and assembling of iPhone in India for the last few months while reducing its dependence on China. In such a situation, its effect is also visible and till the quarter ended in June, iPhones worth more than $ 500 million have been exported from India. At the same time, Taiwanese company Foxconn and Pegatron have also increased their iPhone production.

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