Image for representational purpose only.

Image for representational purpose only.
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1. Which peculiar phenomenon occurs when a person experiences a temporary paralysis, often upon waking up or falling asleep?

2. What is the name of the condition where a person experiences recurrent episodes of sudden and irresistible sleep attacks during the day, often lasting for a few seconds to a few minutes?

3. What is the name of the condition where individuals experience an intense fear of falling asleep, often due to recurring nightmares or anxiety-related factors?

4. ______ is the term for the fascinatingly rare condition that transports someone into the realm of Kumbhakarna from the epic Ramayanacausing episodes of sudden and uncontrollable sleep, sometimes lasting for days.

5. What is the term for the brief, involuntary muscle contractions or jerks that occur as a person is falling asleep?

Visual question:

Take a look at the image provided of an extraordinary organ known as the “third eye”, residing deep within the brain, playing a pivotal role in the sleep-wake cycle and revered in spiritual traditions. Dare you to name this mystical gland!


1. Sleep paralysis

2. Narcolepsy

3. Somniphobia

4. Kleine-Levin syndrome (Sleeping Beauty syndrome)

5. Hypnic jerks

Visual: Pineal gland

Today’s quiz is by our reader Anjali Srivastava. You can also submit your quiz if you can consistently get 6/6 right.


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