By July 2023, the average salary survey data has arrived. The average annual salary in India is Rs 18,91,085, while the most common earning is Rs 5,76,851. At the same time, the difference in salary between men and women is also more. Men get an average salary of  19 lakh 53 thousand rupees and women get an average salary of more than Rs 15 lakh 16 thousand. 

The Average Salary Survey presents and analyzes salary data from thousands of individuals in 138 countries around the world. The information given for India is based on the salary of 11,570 people. In various career fields, the highest average income from management and business is Rs 29 lakh 50 thousand 185. After this, people have earned income from the law profession, in which the annual average income has been Rs 27 lakh 2 thousand 962. 

This much salary 

According to the survey data,  people with experience of more than 20 years are given a salary of Rs 38 lakh 15 thousand 462. On the other hand, people with 16 to 20 years of experience get a salary of more than 36 lakh 50 thousand. On the other hand, people with doctorate degree earn the highest average salary of more than 27 lakh 52 thousand, while people below high school degree earn more than 11 lakh 12 thousand annually. . 

Which city has the highest salary 

According to the survey report, Solapur has emerged as the city with the highest figures in terms of average annual salary in cities, which is paying Rs 28 lakh 10 thousand 092 per person annually. Although only two people have been surveyed in this city. On the other hand, a survey of 1,748 people has been done in Mumbai, the average salary of people here is more than 21 lakh 17 thousand. Apart from this, the average annual salary of people in Bangalore is more than 21.01 lakhs. About 2,800 people have been surveyed here. 

Salary of people in Delhi and other cities 

The average salary of people in the country’s capital New Delhi is Rs 20 lakh 43 thousand 703.  A survey of 1,890 people has been done here. The average salary in Bhubaneswar is Rs 19 lakh 94 thousand 259. The average annual salary of Jodhpur in Rajasthan is Rs.19,44,814. The average annual salary in Pune and Srinagar is Rs 18 lakh 95 thousand 370. And the annual salary in Hyderabad is Rs 18 lakh 62 thousand 407. 

Average Salary by State 

The highest average salary in India’s  UP is Rs 20,730.  After UP, the average salary of West Bengal is  Rs 20,210. And the average salary in Maharashtra is Rs 20,110. Bihar is at number four with an average salary of Rs 19,960. Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are at number five with Rs 19,740.  

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