Scotland Drugs Law: Scotland has outlined proposals on Friday (July 7) to decriminalize all drugs for personal use. The Scottish government believes this will help tackle the worst death rate from drugs in Europe.

However, the government in Edinburgh said that measures to legalize drugs should be forwarded to the British government in London, which decides on matters such as drugs regularity within the UK political system.

Will get permission for treatment and support
Scotland’s drugs policy minister, Elena Witham, said in a statement that the move would allow people suffering from problem drug use to be treated and supported, rather than criminalised. At the same time, people who are recovering from drug addiction will have a better chance of getting a job, while we know that these proposals will stir up debate. These are in line with our public health approach and will further our national mission to improve and save lives.

He said that we are working hard within our powers to reduce the deaths due to drugs. We need to do much more, our approach is in stark contrast to the Westminster law under which we must operate.

British refused to change the laws
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s spokesperson denied any change in the laws related to drugs and said that there is no plan to change our tough stance on drugs. The ruling Scottish National Party, which wants to make Scotland an independent country. It has also clashed with the British government on the proposed gender identity reform law. An official data shows that due to the consumption of drugs, there have been 327 deaths per 1 million population in the year 2020, making Scotland the country with the highest number of deaths in Europe.

Consumption of drugs is illegal in most parts of the world. At the same time, some countries have excluded various forms of drugs from the category of crime. Legalizing the use of drugs in Scotland, health experts argue, would allow users to be treated as patients rather than criminals.

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