iPhone 14 Pro Max Diamond Snowflake: Apple’s latest model at this time is the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Its price in the market is Rs 1,27,999. But today we are telling you about such an iPhone which costs 5 crores. Yes, the Diamond Snowflake variant of Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is customized by Caviar, costs $ 6,16,000 i.e. around Rs 5 crore. This iPhone is so expensive that it is more expensive than the Lamborghini Huracan EVO supercar, which costs Rs 3.7 crore in India. This Iphone has been created by Caviar in collaboration with British jewelry brand Graff and only 3 exclusive models have been made.

back panel very unique

The most special thing about the Diamond Snowflake variant of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the pendant on its back side. This pendant is crafted from platinum and white gold. The price of this pendant alone is around 62 lakhs. This pendant has 18,000 white gold backplate studded with 570 diamonds. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max was launched in India at a price of Rs 1,39,900, which is currently available for Rs 1,27,999. If you want to buy this mobile worth 5 crores, then you can buy it by visiting the official website of Caviar. With the iPhone model, the company gives you a warranty of 1 year and its delivery process is done through mailing service.

15 series will be launched soon

Apple may launch the iPhone 15 series in September. Under this series, 4 smartphones will be launched which include iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. According to a report by 91 Mobile, the iPhone 15 series will be launched with 18% more battery capacity. That is, people will get better battery capacity in comparison to 14. According to the report, the battery of iPhone 15 will be 18% more than that of 14 and it will get 3,877mAh battery. 4,912mAh battery can be found in iPhone 15 Plus, 3650 mAh in iPhone 15 Pro and 4,852mAh battery in iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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