Hair Care Tips : Straight hair adds to the beauty. This makes the hair look silky, shiny and long. There are many heating tools available in the market for hair straightening. With the help of which hair can be blow dry and straight. But if you do not have a hair straightener, then the daily use of such heating tools can also be harmful. Here we have brought some such tips for you, with the help of which you can make hair straight without straightener or heating tool. Let’s know…

hair wrapping

This is a simple and easy way to straighten hair. With this technique, the hair is straightened and wrapped and clips are placed in it. Later the hair becomes straight as soon as the clips are removed. For this, first take the top section hair and move it from one side to the other and clip it. Follow the same process with the whole hair. Wrap your hair in this way at night and go to sleep by applying a towel, a cloth or a head cover, as soon as you wake up in the morning and remove the clips, your hair will be straight.

make a bun

While sleeping at night, sleep by making a simple and plan hair bun. This method of straightening the hair is also considered much better. For this, after washing your hair at night, tie the wet hair in a ponytail and twist it to make a bun. The straighter your bun, the straighter the hair. By morning the hair will be dry and straight will also be visible.

hair straightening mask

If you want, you can also make the hair straight in a natural way. Hair straightening hair masks can help you in this. Make a hair mask by mixing egg, honey and avocado and apply it all over the hair. Wash it after about an hour. Hair will become straight.

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