AI privacy Concerns: No matter how we are living inside the house, everyone wants to look attractive and appealing on social media. Seeing each other, people today post all their things on social media. If someone is away from social media, then people start judging him by this and make different things. Be it parents, children, relatives or anyone else, today everyone wants to improve their presence on social media and has forgotten the word privacy. The content which was called private 10 years ago, has become common today.

AI has as many advantages as it has disadvantages

Well, we are telling you all these things because a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, on which people are debating fiercely. Actually this video is related to AI. In this video, the picture of a small girl child is changed with the help of AI and it has been told in which places how it can be used. Our purpose of writing this article is very clear that all of you should understand your privacy in this digital age and at least post personal pictures on social media because nowadays scams and crimes are being carried out with their help. As a conscious citizen, understand your privacy and take care of the privacy of others as well.

AI caught boom after Chat GPT

Last year, Open AI launched Chat GPT. This is an AI tool. After this dozens of AI tools have come in the market which can easily convert photos, videos and voices. With the help of AI, every moment you post on social media can be made dangerous for you. There are as many disadvantages as there are advantages of AI. Governments around the world are discussing about making laws on AI. Because if the law is not made in time then AI can harm all of us.

Note, our aim is to prove the AI ​​wrong. Our aim is to keep you alert and alert. If AI is used properly, it can change our lifestyle and make many tasks easier.

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