New York bus accident: Two buses collided head-on in New York City, USA. At least 80 have been injured in the accident. A double-decker tour bus and a New York City commuter bus collided head-on in Manhattan, injuring 80 people, the city’s fire department said, according to news agency Reuters. 18 people have suffered serious injuries in this accident.

The injured were admitted to the hospital
Giving information, Deputy Chief of Fire Department Paul Hopper said that all the people injured in the accident have been taken to the hospital. Where he is undergoing treatment and 63 others have sought medical help. The condition of the injured is fine and out of danger, he said. He added, “We are all very fortunate that the accident was not too bad”.

multiple cuts and scrapes
Fire officials said the double-decker tour bus struck the New York City commuter bus from behind, with the force of the collision shattering the front windows of the double-decker topview tour bus. Officials said that most of the injuries were due to cuts and scratches.

Medical staff rescued 63 people
Let us tell you that this accident happened on First Avenue and 23rd Street in the eastern part of Manhattan at around 7 pm. The New York Fire Department said that both buses were full. Officials said that medical staff at the accident site evacuated about 63 people safely and also took care of them.

“I heard the woman next to me screaming, so when I looked up, there was a bus coming toward us,” Ishraq Jahan, a passenger, told CBC News. Glass was shown. The passenger told that at that time he felt as if he was a part of a scene in a movie. He further said that when I saw blood around me, I immediately called 911 for help. ‘


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