WhatsApp Translucent tab and navigation bar: If you use WhatsApp in iPhone, now you will see the UI of the app changed. Actually, the company has changed the design of the app and now you will get to see translucent tabs and navigation bars in the app. To get this update, you have to update the app to the latest version. Apart from this, you will get to see an updated sticker tray and a large set of avatar stickers in the app. The information about this update has been shared by Wabetainfo, a website that monitors the development of WhatsApp.

Login to WhatsApp web made easy

It’s now easier to login to WhatsApp Web. You can login through mobile number. For this, you have to go to the option of link device in your mobile and choose the option of login with mobile. Then open WhatsApp web and here select the option of login with mobile and enter the number. Now here you will get a code, enter it on the primary mobile. By doing this, your WhatsApp account will be login on the web. This feature will be beneficial for those people whose mobile camera is damaged and they cannot scan with QR code.

work in progress on this feature

WhatsApp is working on the sticker suggestion feature. After its arrival, whenever you place any emoji in the chat bar, it will suggest stickers related to it and you can express yourself through stickers. For example, if you are sending a crying emoji to someone, then the app will suggest crying stickers, which will make the message look better to the person in front. Or u say stickers will express your feelings in a better way.

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