Akshay Kumar Unknown Facts: There are many such actors in Bollywood, who did not have any godfather and achieved success on their own. Bollywood players i.e. Akshay Kumar are also included in such artists. His initial phase in the world of cinema was not very good. Many times such a situation also used to come, when the producers used to stop their wages. However, Khiladi Kumar used to deal with those people in his own way. Once, in order to get his money out, he had brought the belongings of the producer’s house. Let us introduce you to that story.

Akshay Kumar used to be very upset in the beginning

In the beginning of his career, Akshay Kumar had to struggle a lot. Today, even though he does 4-5 films in a year, but in the beginning he used to find it difficult to get work. Many times it happened even when the producers withheld their money. However, Akshay Kumar remained a player. He took out his money every time by trying unique methods. However, for this he had to adopt various tricks.

used to make various excuses

Please tell that during that time Akshay Kumar used to make various excuses to withdraw his money. Sometimes he used to cite being sick, sometimes he used to ask for money by giving information about paying the rent. Once, he had got his money withdrawn in the name of giving the installment of the new house. However, Akshay was also faced with a producer, in front of whom Khiladi Kumar could not make any excuse and he withheld 75 thousand rupees from the actor.

This is how your money was recovered

It so happened that when there was no way to withdraw money from that producer, Akshay Kumar reached his house one day. He went inside the producer’s house and saw the entire house. After this, they took Panasonic’s recorder and fan from the producer’s house and sold it and collected Rs 18,000.

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