Sawan Somvar 2023 Parana: Today, on July 10, 2023, on the first Monday of Sawan, there is noise of worship of Lord Shiva everywhere. Jalabhishek, Rudrabhishek are being done in pagodas. Sawan Somvar fast is observed for the long life of husband, prosperity of children and getting a suitable groom.

In the scriptures, along with the worship of Sawan Monday, its fasting also has special importance. While breaking the fast on Sawan Somwar (2023), some special things must be kept in mind, only then the fast and worship become fruitful. Let us know when and how to observe Sawan Somvar Vrat, what are the rules

When to observe Sawan Somwar Vrat Parana Time

According to religious beliefs, the fast of Sawan Monday is observed both in waterless and fruitless ways. In such a situation, some people break their fast by worshiping Shiva in the morning and evening. On the other hand, after observing a fast for the whole day, they observe the Sawan Somvar Vrat the next day. According to the scriptures, Shiva worship is considered very effective in Pradosh Kaal and Nishita Kaal Muhurta. In such a situation, it would be best to open the fast after sunrise the next day after worshiping Lord Shiva throughout the day during Sawan Somvar Vrat.

Rules for breaking Sawan Monday fast (Sawan Somwar Vrat Parana Niyam)

  • While breaking the Sawan Somvar fast, do not take vindictive food, garlic-onion and spicy food even by mistake. Otherwise, you will be deprived of the fruits of worship.
  • On this day fasting should not eat fried things. This has a bad effect on health. The month is the month of rain and the digestive system becomes very weak during the month of rain.
  • Often many people put the water of the consecration of Shivling in Tulsi at home, do not do this. Tulsi has been considered Vishnu’s beloved. By pouring the water of Shiva’s bath in Tulsi, one becomes a partaker of sin.

Sawan Somwar 2023: Today on Sawan Monday, Shiva Puja in the evening is considered fruitful, know the auspicious time, material and method

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