Sawan Somvati Amavasya 2023: The new moon of Sawan month is called Hariyali Amavasya. According to Puranas, there is a tradition of celebrating Hariyali Amavasya as Environment Protection Day. On this day Mahadev, ancestors are worshiped and saplings are planted, because trees are worshiped as gods in Hinduism.

This year Hariyali Amavasya of Sawan is very special, because on this day Somavati Amavasya is coinciding with Sawan Somwar (Sawan Somwar 2023). Let’s know when is Somvati Amavasya of Sawan, its auspicious time and importance.

Sawan Somvati Amavasya 2023 Date

Somvati Amavasya of Sawan month is on 17 July 2023. On this day the second of the month of Shravan Sawan Monday is also falling. These year 2023 The second Somavati will be Amavasya. Shiva worship is considered special on both Amavasya and Monday. In such a situation, the seeker will get double the fruit on this day.

  • Sawan Somvati Amavasya date starts – 16 July 2023, 10.08 pm
  • Sawan Amavasya date ends – 18 July 2023, 12.01 am

Sawan Somvati Amavasya Significance

The coincidence of Somvati Amavasya in Savan is considered to be very fruitful. It is believed that those women who observe fast on Sawan Somvati Amavasya and worship Shiva, they get the boon of being always happy. Due to the effect of Somvati Amavasya, the life of husband and children is long. It is said that this fast is considered as fruitful as Karwachauth. On this day, by donating bath and anointing Shivling with raw milk and Gangajal, one gets freedom from Pitra Dosh, Kalsarp Dosh. With the grace of ancestors, there is prosperity in the family.

Somvati Amavasya Upay (Somvati Amavasya Upay)

  • Plant a plant of Peepal, Tulsi, Neem, Amla or Belpatra on the day of Sawan Somvati Amavasya. By doing this, all the defects caused by the planets are removed.
  • Irrigate Peepal with raw milk in the morning on Somvati Amavasya of Sawan and circumambulate it 7 times. Light a lamp under the peepal tree in the evening. It is believed that one gets the blessings of Shani, Shiva and Lakshmi.
  • On the day of Somvati Amavasya, offer tarpan in the south direction by putting sesame in water in the name of ancestors. By offering on this day, the ancestors get satisfaction and they give blessings.
  • On Sawan Somvati Amavasya, anoint Shivling with curd and offer Belpatra. This remedy is beneficial to remove the obstacles coming in job and business.
  • Apart from Lord Vishnu, on the day of Somvati Amavasya, the seventh chapter of Gita should be recited for the ancestors.
  • Putting a spoon of raw milk and a coin in a well on the night of Somvati Amavasya gets rid of poverty and brings wealth.

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