Annaprashan Sanskar: Annaprashan Sanskar has great importance in Hindu religion. Annaprashan Sanskar comes at the seventh place among the 16 Sanskars. For six months after birth, the child depends only on the mother’s milk. After this, when grains are fed to the baby for the first time with traditional methods, it is called Annaprashan Sanskar.

Annaprashan Sanskar is performed for the physical development of the child. Let us know the importance, method and benefits of Annaprashan Sanskar.

When to perform Annaprashan Sanskar? (Anna Prashan Sanskar Time)

When the child turns 6th or 7th month, then it is better to perform Annaprashan Sanskar, because by this time his teeth have come out. In such a situation, he is able to digest light grains.

Importance of Annaprashan Sanskar

According to Bhagavad Gita, food not only nourishes the body, but also nourishes the mind, intellect, energy and soul. Food has been called the life of the living beings. According to the scriptures, both the body and the mind are purified by a pure diet and there is an increase in the goodness of the body. Through Annaprashan, the child is initiated to take pure, sattvic and nutritious food, so that positivity can be created in his thoughts and feelings.

Annaprashan Sanskar Vidhi

On the auspicious time of Annaprashan Sanskar, the parents of the child worship their favorite deities. Rice kheer is offered to them and then this kheer is fed to the child with a silver bowl and spoon. Rice kheer is considered to be the food of the gods, so this mantra should be recited while feeding the child in Annaprashan Sanskar. , They are both auspicious, and they are the oats, barley, barley, and milk. These two cause tuberculosis, these two release sins. is.

Of course – O ‘boy! May barley and rice be strong and nourishing for you. Because both these things are tuberculosis-killers and sin-killers by being devan.

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