Former Indian Ambassador Arjun Asrani Passes Away, Leaves Behind Legacy of Strengthened Indo-Japanese Relations

India mourns the passing of Mr. Arjun Asrani, a distinguished diplomat who served the nation for 35 years. Mr. Asrani passed away recently, leaving behind a remarkable career dedicated to strengthening ties between India and Japan.

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A Life Dedicated to Diplomacy

Throughout his extensive career in the Indian Foreign Service, Mr. Asrani held esteemed positions, including Ambassador to Japan, Thailand, and Libya, and Consul General in New York. He also held senior roles within the Ministries of External Affairs and Finance.

Building Bridges of Trust

Mr. Asrani’s diplomatic approach emphasised building trust and credibility. This earned him recognition as a leading expert on International Affairs and Business Diplomacy. He was a sought-after speaker at international forums, sharing his insights on diplomacy.

Recognising Excellence

Mr. Asrani’s dedication to fostering India-Japan relations was recently acknowledged with the inaugural India-Japan Excellence Award 2024, presented by The Rising Sun Conclave on March 13, 2024. While Mr. Asrani couldn’t attend the ceremony due to health reasons, the award was received on his behalf by lawyer, Tushar Asrani.

A Legacy that Endures

Nupur Tewari, founder of The Rising Sun Conclave and Connecting India Japan, expressed her deep sorrow at Mr.Asrani’s passing. She highlighted his immense contribution to India-Japan relations and cherished the opportunity to present him with the Excellence Award. She described him as a kind-hearted individual who encouraged her to continue her work in strengthening this crucial bilateral relationship.

Mr. Asrani’s distinguished career and unwavering commitment to India-Japan relations leave a lasting legacy. His contributions will continue to inspire future generations of diplomats and shape the ties between these two nations.

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