International Students in Japan: Reminder to Follow Work Regulations.

International students in Japan are being reminded to follow the regulations set for part-time work authorisations. This comes after a recent rise in inquiries about permissible working hours and income usage.


While Japan welcomes international students and offers opportunities for part-time work to support their studies, specific guidelines exist to ensure a balanced and enriching experience. Here’s a quick breakdown of the key points for international students:

  • Work Permit: Obtain permission from the Immigration Bureau before starting any part-time job.
  • Time Limits: Working hours are capped at 28 hours per week, with a maximum of 8 hours daily during holidays.
  • Focus on Studies: Part-time work should not interfere with academic commitments.
  • Income Restrictions: Earnings are meant to cover living expenses and educational costs, not for saving or sending large sums abroad.
  • Job Type Restrictions: Working in adult entertainment businesses is strictly prohibited.

Following these regulations protects student well-being and ensures compliance with visa requirements. Local authorities encourage international students to prioritize their education while responsibly supplementing their income through part-time work experiences.

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