Japan to Include All New Foreign Residents in Public Pension Scheme

Tokyo, Japan – In a move to bolster social security and long-term stability, Japan is implementing a new policy that will register all foreign residents who have recently arrived in the country into the public pension program by October. This initiative aims to strengthen requirements for participation and ensure a more sustainable social safety net.

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The announcement comes amidst Japan’s ongoing efforts to address its declining birth rate and aging population. By integrating new residents into the pension system, the government hopes to tap into a wider pool of contributors and secure the program’s long-term viability.

While details are still emerging, the new policy suggests a more comprehensive approach to social security for foreigners in Japan. Previously, participation in the public pension program was optional for some foreign residents depending on their visa status.

This change is likely to impact a significant number of people. Japan recently announced a significant expansion of its worker visa program, aiming to attract up to 820,000 foreign labourers over the next five years. Integrating these new arrivals into the pension system will contribute to the program’s financial health and offer them a path towards retirement security.

The specific details of the registration process and any potential exemptions for certain visa categories remain to be seen. However, the overall goal is clear: to create a more inclusive and sustainable social security system that benefits both Japanese citizens and new residents alike.

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