BCIC Japan Strengthens India-Japan Business Ties Through Partnership with SMRJ

The Business Council of India in Japan (BCIC JAPAN) has announced a new partnership with the Society for the Mobilisation of Regulatory Reform Japan (SMRJ) to foster closer trade and commerce ties between India and Japan. This collaboration aims to streamline business processes and address regulatory hurdles faced by companies from both nations.

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The BCIC JAPAN, a prominent organization representing Indian businesses in Japan, is committed to facilitating a smoother investment and trade environment for its members. By joining forces with SMRJ, a Japanese entity focused on regulatory reform, the partnership aims to achieve significant progress in the following areas:

  • Regulatory Streamlining: BCIC JAPAN and SMRJ will collaborate to identify and address regulatory bottlenecks that hinder cross-border trade and investment between India and Japan. This will involve working with relevant authorities in both countries to identify areas for improvement and propose solutions for streamlined processes.
  • Business Advocacy: The partnership will provide a platform for Indian and Japanese businesses to voice their concerns regarding regulations that impede their operations. By working together, BCIC JAPAN and SMRJ can advocate for changes that create a more conducive business environment.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The collaboration will involve the exchange of knowledge and expertise on regulatory frameworks in both India and Japan. This will help businesses navigate the complexities of doing business in each other’s markets more effectively.

Looking Ahead:
The BCIC JAPAN-SMRJ partnership is a promising development for businesses operating in both India and Japan. By working towards regulatory reforms and knowledge sharing, this collaboration has the potential to unlock new opportunities and strengthen economic ties between the two Asian powerhouses.

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