“Better India Initiative Spurs Nationwide Efforts to Tackle Humanitarian Issues”

“Better India Initiative Spurs Nationwide Efforts to Tackle Humanitarian Issues”

“Better India Initiative Spurs Nationwide Efforts to Tackle Humanitarian Issues”
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Citizens from different parts of India enthusiastically participated in the mobilisation spearheaded by the “Better India” campaign, gathering on a Friday to ignite tension and powerful activism. Not only is this grassroots movement rooted in values ​​of civic responsibility and compassion, and has captured the hearts of many, but it is also very popular on social media. By shedding light on the many pressing human issues facing the nation, the movement continues to gather momentum, effectively uniting people in the common goal of building a compassionate and responsible society in the greater.


The grassroots industry has emerged among the locals in the wake of the recent dismal Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) report findings on malnutrition in India. These programs are rooted in the belief that collective action is the key to selflessly addressing the urgent issue of hunger and food poverty. United under the banner of compassion and solidarity, these communities are running innovative projects such as food banks, community kitchens and personalised nutrition programs.


Through these efforts, they not only provide immediate assistance to those in need but also promote sustainable assistance programs that maintain vulnerable populations’ access to essential nutrition. This bottom-up approach to tackling food insecurity captures the spirit of the “Better India” movement, which shows how individuals can come together to bring about meaningful change and uplift those most in need.

Besides the critical need for improved mental health support services highlighted by the “Better India” campaign, advocates committed to funding and awareness programs encourage not only to eliminate the stigma of mental illness but also to expand access to counselling and treatment options across the country. These advocacy efforts stem from data provided by the National Institutes of Mental Health and Neuroscience, and underscore the need for comprehensive mental health reform in light of post-pandemic challenges

Moreover, as they progress, environmental activists have combined their efforts to shed light on sustainable practices and conservation efforts. Focusing on the growing climate crisis and the disproportionate impact on marginalised communities, activists instigated tree planting campaigns, waste management projects and advocacy projects to promote eco-friendly lifestyles and enforce environmental regulations in various industries.

As residents eagerly gather together on designated “Motivation Fridays,” uniting under the inclusive and empowering banner of the “Better India” movement, the burgeoning momentum amplifies. This collective spirit not only fosters a sense of hope and positivity but also propels real and impactful transformations in addressing vital humanitarian concerns throughout the nation. By fostering a culture of collaboration and embracing diversity, the campaign serves as a vehicle for driving substantive change, tapping into the combined resources and efforts of government bodies, non-profit organisations, businesses, and individuals alike.

Through these strategic partnerships and communal initiatives, the program is laying the groundwork for a more equitable, compassionate, and sustainable future for all members of Indian society, heralding a new era of progress and shared prosperity.

                                              By: Bani Thakur


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  • National Institute of National Institute of Mental statistics on mental health in India.
  • Environmental impact assessments and reports highlighting the climate crisis and its effects on marginalised communities.

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