Indian and Japanese Navies Start Joint Naval Drills

India and Japan have begun a major naval exercise together in the Indian Ocean. The exercise, called JIMEX, involves warships and aircraft from the navies of both countries.  

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JIMEX is held every year to improve cooperation and understanding between the Indian and Japanese navies. The exercises this year started on June 11th and will continue until June 17th.

Several ships from each navy are taking part, including guided missile destroyers, stealth frigates, submarines, and maritime patrol aircraft. The two navies will practice a variety of missions during the week-long exercise.  

Some key drills include air defence, surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, live ammunition firing, search and rescue operations, and complex surface and air operations. Working together in these areas helps the navies be prepared in case of conflicts or disasters.

India and Japan are important allies and partners. Holding joint naval drills allows their forces to cooperate smoothly and understand each other’s procedures for maritime security. It also allows them to make their navies more capable overall.

The exercise underscores the strong strategic partnership between India and Japan. Both countries hope to ensure a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region through exercises like JIMEX.

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