NRIs in Japan Express Disappointment Over Indian Election Results

NRIs in Japan expressed significant disappointment following the recent election results in India, lamenting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not secure a larger margin of victory. Their dismay was palpable as they questioned whether voters in India had forgotten their gratitude for Modi’s contributions to the nation.

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The community in Tokyo had planned extensive celebrations in anticipation of a decisive win for Modi, including cultural performances and festive gatherings. However, the planned celebrations were notably subdued in light of the election outcome.

A prominent figure in the NRI community voiced his frustration, stating, “Mr. Narendra Modi has done so much for our country, from economic reforms to enhancing India’s global standing. It’s disheartening to see that this effort is not reflected in a more significant win.”

Adding to their concerns, there was a growing call among the NRIs for Modi to facilitate voting rights for expatriates through the embassy. “We are deeply connected to our homeland and its future. It’s crucial that we have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process, even from abroad,” one community member insisted.

Despite the disappointment, the community remains optimistic about India’s future and continues to support initiatives that will further the nation’s progress and development.

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