Kikkoman Brings a Taste of East and West to Goa with First-Ever Meet-Up

Caranzalem, Taleigao, Goa – May 5, 2024 – Kikkoman India is set to tantalize taste buds with their first-ever Goa meet-up, held in collaboration with the esteemed TASTE restaurant in Caranzalem. This exciting culinary event promised a unique fusion of East and West, showcasing the versatility of Kikkoman soy sauce.


Diners can expect a delectable menu featuring a delightful mix of Filipino and Korean flavour’s, all infused with the umami richness of Kikkoman soy sauce. The evening kicked off with succulent Filipino skewers, followed by a refreshing summer salad. The main course highlights Kikkoman’s adaptability with both creamy Korean udon noodles and a savory rice bowl. To conclude this flavourful journey, a delightful leche flan promises a sweet ending.


This exclusive event offered a chance for food enthusiasts in Goa to experience the transformative power of Kikkoman soy sauce in a vibrant and social setting.

About Kikkoman India

Kikkoman has been a leading producer of soy sauce for over 300 years. Established in India in February 2021, Kikkoman India has been committed to bringing authentic soy sauce experiences to Indian consumers. Through events like this Goa meet-up, Kikkoman aims to educate and inspire culinary creativity, showcasing the versatility of soy sauce in modern Indian cuisine.

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